Seiji Inouye is an indie-rock producer and audio engineer, whose business empowers artists by shaping their music to its most personal and powerful potential. Seiji is currently located in Nashville, TN, where he operates a recording studio out of his home, as well as freelances in other local and national facilities.

The majority of his time is spent mixing records, however, in addition to making albums for bands and artists, Seiji performs locally as a songwriter and guitarist, books performers in local Nashville venues, manages artists, and does consulting for various production companies.

While Seiji would not consider himself an audiophile by traditional definitions, he believes that the quality of a recording is paramount in creating a collection of music that both a listener and a creator can be proud of. In that way, he has made it a goal to achieve the sonic goals of his clients by working closely with them beyond the scope of a studio.

He is most interested in helping artists clearly establish their personal visages of success, in order to tailor his work to best suit them as an individual and permit them to achieve their potential.  He is keenly aware of how to encourage success from his clients.